The women's rights and the women's position

Women in Afghanistan fear a revenue to oppression because they are ignored of peace speaks with Taliban

The Taliban wiped out Kamila Sidiqi’s expectations of being a teacher the day she graduated from coaching university.

As she confidently obtained her certification in September 1996, Taliban militiamen entered her home town of Kabul to start their forbidding five-year-long guideline.

Right away, a place at university or work were out of the question for the 18-year-old. Girls’ education and also women’s employment were prohibited. She could not entrust the house without a burka and also chaperone.

The women’s rights and the women’s position

In spite of equality becoming enshrined in the constitution pulled up after Taliban rule, Afghanistan was named the most awful place in the world to be a woman in a recent choice poll of activists. Illiteracy, poor medical care and also oppression remain rife, especially in rural areas.

The dream of serenity after 40 years of confrontation is so impressive, additionally there is optimism, she said. However that optimism is shadowed by misgivings.

“If there is a chance to stop the bloodshed, that is a sign of a positive outlook for us. But we have been also shadowed greatly by fears and also issues because we are right now once again apparently at a flipping purpose exactly where the first thing that seems to be compromised is the women’s rights and the women’s position.”

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