Winter International Arts Festival

Winter Worldwide Arts Festival in Sochi 2019

The Russian city of Sochi celebrates tradition in all it is forms throughout its Winter Arts Festival. This year, as always, there was clearly music, theatre, opera, and also dance. Most of the event’s performances are collaborations between Russian and international artists.

Instructed artistically by Ricardo Cue, A Night with Sergio Bernal was commissioned by the festival in collaboration with Antonio Gnecchi Ruscone.

This year the Winter Festival additionally offered music grasp classes. Famous South Korean pianist Daejin Kim joint his know-how with students as did Russian cellist and also conductor Ivan Monighetti

U-theatre from Taiwan additionally took part in this year’s event. The group combine drumming, mediation and also martial arts. Their show “Sound of the Ocean”, tries to replicate the sound of water in it is different styles.

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