‘US-Taliban peace’

US shares details of ‘US-Taliban peace’ agreement with Afghan government

The United States Monday shared details of its draft agreement with the Taliban on peace with Afghan government leaders for consultations and feedback, during a meeting in the presidential palace, Sediq Sediqqi, President Spokesman told a news conference in Kabul.

“During the meeting, all details of the draft agreement were sharedwith president and government officials,” Sediqqi said.

The government officials will “study and assess” the details in a fewdays to provide their feedback to the US envoy.

“After a comprehensive study and assessment of the details we will back share our observations and with Khalilzad and his team,” Sediqi said.

For Afghan government intra-Afghan talks, ceasefire and reduction of violence are the essential parts in the draft deal. Also, the US-Taliban talks could open the way for the 2nd phase of the peace process which is the intra-Afghan talks.

“On behalf of the people, we have to study and assess this draft agreement to see whether it will pave the way toward peace, intra-Afghan talks with the Taliban and eventually will lead us toward ending the war or not?” Sediqqi said.

“The peace process will give favorite result only after direct talks between government and Taliban” the spokesman urged.

For the direct talks, the government has already announced a 15-member negotiation team.

The names of the members will be disclosed the day when they go for talks with the Taliban.

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