US-Pakistan leaders meet to discuss collaborative effort on Afghan peace

US President Donald Trump and the Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan met in Washington on Monday to discuss views on the enhancement of their bilateral ties along with reaching to a political settlement in Afghanistan via peace deal with the Taliban.

Both the leaders in a united view said that no military solution was possible to bring an end to the dispute ongoing in Afghanistan.

Trump and Khan even addressed a joint press conference in which Trump said, “ We have been in Afghanistan for 19 years now and it’s pathetic. I feel Pakistan will help us discontinue staying there as policemen because we don’t want that.”

Whereas Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan said that there is no military solution to the dispute in Afghanistan and added, “ I can assure you here that Pakistan will always be straightforward with you. Peace in Afghanistan is Pakistan’s priority at the moment more than any other country. We are directly affected by it and Pakistan needs stability .”

Khan also said that he hopes in the near future, “ we will be able to convince the Taliban to talk with the Afghan government and come to a political settlement.”

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