US Exchanges Money Meant For Afghanistan, Pakistan To Construct Mexico Border Wall

The United States is sending $1.5 billion originally intended for the Afghan defense forces and the Pakistan military to a finance to assist pay for construction of the US-Mexican border wall, in accordance with acting US Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan.
“We reprogrammed $1.5 billion toward the construction of more than 120 miles of border barrier without impacting readiness,” Mr Shanahan claimed in a statement.

“The funds were culled from a number of sources, to include unexecuted prior year funds, the suspension of reimbursements to Pakistan, and costs reductions in a series of contracts,” he claimed.

Greater than $600 million of these funds are coming from an Afghan security forces account. The US can also be taking $78 million from the Coalition Support Fund, that is money used to reimburse Pakistan for logistical and military support for American military operations in Afghanistan.

The funds have been reprogrammed in spite of a rise in attacks inside Afghanistan and a complaint by the US chief negotiator that peace talks with the Taliban are not moving at a sufficient pace, Dawn claimed.

The US and the Taliban have held six rounds of direct talks since October in Doha, Qatar, to end America’s longest war in which the US has lost over 2,400 soldiers. The latest round of negotiations ended on Thursday.

The Taliban control nearly half of Afghanistan and are more effective than at any time since the 2001 US-led invasion.

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