US drone strikes on Afghan civilians

The drone strikes by US that have killed innocent civilians over the past years

US drone strikes on Afghan civilians are not mistakes

The drone strikes by the US that have killed innocent civilians over the past years, were not a mistake but Americans do knowingly to target militant hideouts, American intelligence linguist, Scott Rickard said.

According to the United Nations, nearly 4,000 civilians were killed or wounded in the first half of the year.

“Unfortunately a lot of the casualties that are civilians are not a mistake; these are just the decisions that are made at the CIA, that we are going to go ahead and sacrifice these civilians in order to target these particularly high-value targets,” said former American intelligence linguist, Scott Rickard, during an interview with Press TV’s The Debate program on Thursday.

“So there are many situations in which the Americans do knowingly target civilians,” Rickard added.

Rickard also said that the CIA was “very much in charge” of deciding whether or not Washington would withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

“The elephant in the room not being discussed is the tremendous financial gain that is being made by the opium and heroin industry and the involvement of not only the Americans but other players in the region that have made tremendous amounts of cash and revenue off of this opium industry for decades now… The Americans are seen as occupiers and they are absolutely gaining the most from the opium industry, from both illicit drugs and the pharmaceutical industry,” Rickard said.

About 14,000 US drone troops are in Afghanistan, allegedly to train and adviseAfghan security forces and prepare them to take on the Taliban and Daesh.

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