US airstrike is targeted on Taliban collecting in Ghazni leaving a number of dead

A US airstrike highly targeted a Taliban collecting in south-eastern Ghazni province destroying or wounding numerous militants.

The Provincial Governor’s Office claimed in a statement that the US forces executed the airstrike at around 2 pm local time.

The statement furthermore added that the airstrike highly targeted a Taliban gathering in Robat area of Deh Yak district.

Moreover, the Provincial Government claimed the airstrike killed off 7 Taliban militants and injured 5 others.

But, the military sources claimed Friday that the airstrikes killed off 13 Taliban militants.

In the meantime, the Governor’s Office claimed a clash broke out between security forces and Taliban militants on Highway which left 4 militants dead and 5 others wounded.

An individual clash also broke out between the security forces and Taliban militants in Atak area of Aab Band district on Wednesday night. The clash left 6 militants dead while a motorcycle was destroyed.

The Taliban group has not commented regarding the airstrikes until now.

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