Afghanistan Saffron Market

Unlawful imports influence Afghan Saffron Market

An accretion breeze of Iranian saffron into Afghan markets has afflicted the prices of Herat saffron, bounded investors the National Association of Saffron said.

The adjustment of President Ghani to ban the actionable acceptation of saffron from Iran has remained on paper, said Bashir Ahmad Rashidi arch of the National Association of Saffron.

One kilogram of saffron is awash for AFs50,000 in bounded markets it was it was AFs100,000 endure year.

Investors said government has not provided abundant abetment to advice them forward the Afghan saffron to all-embracing markets.

“We are alive with the accordant organizations for processing and packaging saffron and aswell we are in acquaintance with the countries which acquirement Afghanistan’s saffron,” said Enayat.

Herat saffron is acclaimed for its acceptable superior in all-embracing markets. Statistics appearance that at atomic 10,000 acreage of acreage is able with saffron beyond the country, mainly in Herat. 

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