successfully conducted presidential elections

conducting its fourth round of presidential election, Afghanistan receives congratulations from the government of US, India and Pakistan.

United States, India, Pakistan congratulate Afghanistan

After conducting its fourth round of the presidential election, Afghanistan receives congratulations from the government of United States, India, and Pakistan.

The United States embassy to Kabul has praised the people of Afghanistan for casting their votes despite several threats and challenges in Afghanistan. The US has appreciated the effort of the electoral teams to calmly and transparently handled the elections.

“Congratulation to Afghans who braved threats and challenges to exercise their democratic right to vote in Afghanistan,” the US embassy said on its twitter page.

Indian ambassador to Kabul, Vinay Kumar has twitted to congratulate the government of Afghanistan for the successful conduct of the presidential election.

“We congratulate the Afghan people for once again demonstrating their faith in democratic governance and constitutional processes despite threats, intimidation, and violence, stability, prosperity, and democracy in their country,” he said.

The Pakistan embassy in Kabul said that Afghans deserve to be congratulated for making the decision to maintain democratic course in the country.

The Afghan presidential election was conducted on Saturday amid rising violence and conflicts in the country. However, a number of the country’s political elites has condemned the election and warned against its impact on the peace process.

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