Mosul's Al Aghawat Mosque

Unesco and Germany sign arrangement to reestablish Mosul’s Al Aghawat Mosque

The United Nations social office and Germany consented to an arrangement this week to reestablish the Aghawat Mosque in Mosul in endeavors to restore the war-torn city following a three-year control of ISIS and Baghdad’s moderate remaking reaction.

“The adjustment, reclamation and recovery of the Al Aghawat Mosque Complex in the Old City of Mosul speak to another key component to shield Mosul’s verifiable legacy and its suffering social assorted variety,” Paolo Fontani, Unesco’s chief and delegate to Iraq disclosed to The National.

Unesco has pledged to reestablish the city’s pulse, decent variety and history while coordinating its instructive projects towards battle radicalism.

Its Mosul plan incorporates reestablishing the library of Mosul University, two houses of worship, the city’s market and a Yazidi sanctuary.

In December, Iraq started modifying Mosul’s Nuri Mosque, with the help of Unesco and the UAE.

In April 2018, the UAE swore US$50 m (Dh183.6 m) to modify the mosque.

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