USA army exit Afghanistan

Under Serenity Plan, U.S. Army Will Leave Afghanistan Within 5 Years

WASHINGTON: All Us troops would retraction from Afghanistan over the subsequent 3 to 5 years under a brand new Pentagon program offered in peace negotiations that could result in a government in Kabul that stocks electrical power with the Taliban.

The plan requires cutting by fifty percent, in coming months, the 14,000 American troops presently in Afghanistan. It would task the 8,600 European union along with other worldwide troops with training the Afghan army—a focus of the NATO mission for more than a decade—and also mostly shift Us operations to counterterrorism strikes.

In some respects, the concentrate on counterterrorism missions in Afghanistan is an agreement of a master plan by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the Obama current administration disputed its own war technique in 2009. Mr.Biden’s proposal was eventually refused in favor of a counterinsurgency program, which called for training area forces and a surge of Us troops, as pushed by Gen. Stanley A. McChrysta, who was then the best commander in Afghanistan.

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