Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan, Image Source : Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 3.0

Trump’s First Conference With Pakistan’s Imran Khan In July

U.S. President Donald Trump will hold his very first conference with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in July as the two looks to reset strained relations.

Khan will start a five-day trip to the United States on July 20, Pakistani news outlets revealed on June 29.

The White House decided not to quickly react to a request for opinion.

The conference comes as the Trump management tries to reach the end line in discussions with the Taliban to end the just about 18 year-war in neighboring Afghanistan.

The United States and Afghanistan have frequently accused Pakistan of giving “safe havens” for the Taliban on its soil. Trump has cut financial and armed forces help to the country because of this.

Islamabad rejects the allegation. Khan received into an argument with Trump on Twitter last year over the problem.

Lindsey Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, traveled to Islamabad in January to assist facilitate a meeting later this year between the two leaders.

Graham declared at the time he anticipated Trump and Khan to “hit it off” in a personalized conference because they have “similar personalities.”

The former cricket star was chosen prime minister in August.

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