Trump expresses his wish to draw out of Afghanistan as quickly as possible

US President Donald Trump said that he wants to exit Afghanistan “as soon as possible” and repeated that the US shouldn’t have been a part of these wars in Afghanistan.

Zalmay Khalilzad, US Special Envoy for peace in Afghanistan is currently a part of the talks with the Taliban in order to schedule an agreement that brings an end to the war.

Trump during one of his interviews said, “ We will continue to reduce forces in Afghanistan. We’re working on negotiation for a deal right now and as you might have heard and known that at some point we want to get out as quickly as we can.”

Trump’s comments follow the announcement of the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo that hinted at a large US force withdrawal from Afghanistan before the election of 2020.

Earlier during his visit to the Economic Club of Washington, in his answer to a question on US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pompeo had mentioned that he has received directives from the President of US drawdown and reduce US troops in Afghanistan in order to bring an end to these endless wars.

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