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Total number of Hajj pilgrims this year increased by almost 5 percent

The Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Nigeria, Adnan Bin Mahmoud Bostajiinformed that No less than 2.5 million pilgrims were recorded performing this year’s hajj.

He further said that a total of 2,489,406 people performed the key hajj tradition as computed by concerned authorities.

While interacting with Independent Hajj Reporters in Saudi Arabia’s Mina he said, as many as 1,855,027 pilgrims were from outside the kingdom whereas 6,34, 379 pilgrims came from within the kingdom. With which he also cleared that as much as 67% of the total pilgrims from Saudi Arabia are not residents of Saudi Arabia but staying here.

According to the Saudi Ambassador the Hajj pilgrimage has seen a rise in the number of pilgrims by 117, 731 this year which comes to an increase by 4.96% compared to last year’s records of 2, 371,675 pilgrims who performed Hajj.

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