Third Intra-Afghan talks to take place in Beijing in next week

Third Intra-Afghan talks to take place in Beijing in next week

Third Intra-Afghan talks to take place in Beijing

After Moscow and Doha, Taliban and Kabul leaders are going to hold the intra-Afghan talks for the third time in Beijing next week.

Taliban have confirmed their delegation led by the militants’ head of political office in Qatar would go to Beijing to attend the talks.

A jihadi leader said he was optimistic about this talk and “a new door to the main peace negotiations”.

Mohammad Ismael Khan, who served as minister of energy and water in the former president Hamid Karzai’s government, said this time, government representatives would also take part in the meeting, if officially confirmed, the first time that Taliban are going to sit with President Ghani’s government.

However, Kabir Haqmal, Spokesman of National Security Council said that the government was yet to decide whether to attend the meeting.

Khan would attend the negotiations scheduled for October 28 and 29. He said the insurgents declined in the past to hold meetings with the government, which they call a US puppet.

“I hope this meeting would open the door of more important talks about peace,” said Khan.

“There are many delicacies in the peace process. The nine rounds of talks between the Taliban and Khalilzad raised hopes, but we saw it stopped.”

Khan said that the situation in Afghanistan was as critical as it had harmed the involved countries and the war continuation was unacceptable for them.

“The war is even intolerable for the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan. The heavy casualties force them to accept peace,” he said.

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