The suffering of Afghan Civilians remains very high according to ICRC

According to a report by the International Committee of the Red Cross the ongoing peace efforts have not been able to bring down the ferocity of the violence in Afghanistan and its effect on civilians after the civilian deaths remain very high.

The report also mentioned that airstrikes, night raids and attacks on both rural and highly populated areas end up in deaths of innocent women, children, and men who had no role in the fight.

Juan-Pedro Schaerer, ICRC’s head of delegation in Afghanistan said, “ Homes, mosques, schools, markets and health care facilities are facing consequences. Too little attention is given to the level of suffering civilians face. They must be protected and respected at all times.”

The ICRC also expressed deep concern regarding the fate of civilians detained by every side involved in the conflict. The report further added, “ Detainees must be given access to health care, to basic facilities including clean water, clothing and hygiene products and must be allowed to contact their families.”

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