women in STEM in the Arab world Image source: wikimediacommons

The increase of women in STEM in the Arab world

Obtaining women and women involved with STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ) is a big problem in Western countries. In addition there are and more endeavours being powered by the local community, schools and also universities to motivate a lot more depiction of women in STEM, which has already been lacking.

In certain countries in the Middle East, items are the opposite. In fact, as opposed to stereotypes and also propaganda, women in STEM in Jordan, Qatar along with the United Arab Emirates test much better and also really feel much more comfortable in mathematics than men, and are not scared to say they like science-based subject areas..

women in STEM in the Arab world

Arab women in STEM are certainly motivating, and also their success stories are great examples to other countries trying to increase female interest in the field.

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