Velvet Buzzsaw: the best movies horror movies of 2019

The best horror film in 2019 is Velvet Buzzsaw

It is formally a franchise: After ranking the best nightmare films of 2017 and also 2018, we’re going for the trilogy. Like any specific beloved franchise, persisted success will need a careful mix of enthusiast support and also fresh ideas, no easy task for an online article.

Yes, it is early in the year, however this list kicks off with a few titles before enlarging throughout the year as more fantastic horror movies arrive in theaters and also on demand.

Velvet Buzzsaw:The upper-crust Los Angeles fine art scene becomes a firm punch in the mouth out of this smart, weird, funny, and also occasionally rather a scary mixture of social satire, jet-black farce, and also smartly developed horror. On the surface, it is about a collection of seemingly haunted art paintings, however, it is also a scathing indictment of just how fine art is exploited at every turn. The whole cast is great however, it is Gyllenhaal’s colored portrayal of a smug art critic that keeps the forward impetus going.

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