Telecom companies shut down services at night in Balkh province

Telecom companies have been shutting down service over the last two nights in Mazaar-e-Sharif city of Balkh province reportedly due to “security ultimatum” according to local residents and officials.

The telecom organizations have not responded on their decision yet but as per the sources, the services are shut off at night due to security reasons.

The police chief of Balkh, Gen. Minor Ahmad Fayiz said that the offices of four key telecom firms, Afghan Wireless, Roshan, Etisalat, and MTN were shut for the whole day including disconnected service for the last two nights. He also said that the issue hasn’t bee n discussed with the police yet by any telecom officials.

He further stated, “ There is no major security threat to them, we are uninformed regarding any sort of threat to them. Their offices were sealed by us following the warning that was given to them.”

The shutdown of services has affected the prices of SIM card of government-owned Salaam company by almost $15 to Afs 1,200 in the black market.

The head of Directorate of Telecommunication and Information technology in Balkh, Mohammad TaqiPoya said: “We will inform the Judicial system if the SIM cards are being sold for more than the normal price.”

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