Taliban shut down 29 Madrasas in Logar province

Taliban shut down 29 Madrasas in Logar province

Taliban shut down 29 Madrasas in Logar province

The Taliban have shut down at least 29 Madrasas in the province, according to Residents in the eastern province of Logar.

Residents on Thursday said that the Taliban have also warned faculty to stop teaching at these centers, which are run by the Afghan Ministry of Education.

“It’s very unfortunate that we are not allowing someone to go to the mosque or Madrasa, or to read the Holy Quran or to teach. It’s now three months that all Madrasas have been closed in areas under the government control,” said Sayed Farhad Akbari, a tribal elder in Logar.

“The move can have several reasons: either they don’t want the government to have control of religious centers, or the Taliban’s recruitment has been reduced there,” said Sayed Qaribullah Sadat, a member of Logar’sprovincial council, suggesting that the closures might be punitive.

Local officials in Logar have said that efforts are underway to reopen these Madrasas.

“We assure you that efforts are underway to open these centers in the coming days; we are in contact with the tribal elders,” said Abdul Wakil Kaliwal, head of Logar’s Education Department.

While a Taliban spokesman said that the reason for shutting down the centers is that they were not in line with the Taliban’s doctrine.

The closure of the religious schools has affected over 2600 students from learning, among them 900 girls.

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