Taliban rejects involvement in the destruction of power pylons of Afghanistan’s company DABS

On 7 May, Afghanistan’s national power company, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), announced that over the past 40 days, four power pylons were destroyed by four unknown gunmen.   DABS also expresses that eight workers of the organization were injured in the assaults, and Sayed Murtaza, a Parwan electricity operations deputy head got killed.    The offenders who destroyed the pylons seem to be satisfied in decimating the pylons while these are national assets. Nobody has the right to damage public or national property,” stated Wahidullah Tawhidi, the DABS representative.    The Interior Ministry representative expressed that the speculates associated with the devastation of the pylons might be linked to militants. The Taliban have dismissed any kind of association with the destruction of electricity pylons and roads in the Gereshk district of Helmand.   On 10 May, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) revealed that this year company has maintained 800 million afs worth of losses by unknown attackers in a few areas of the nation.   Security officials stated that there are ongoing investigations and eight suspects have been arrested on charges of destroying power pylons with bombs over the past 10 days. Sudden electricity cuts caused inconvenienceto residents and also to COVID-19 patients in hospitals.    To date, five power pylons have been attacked causing significant power blackouts which mostly originate from Central Asian nations.    Based on DABSs estimate the restoration of the pylons will require millions of dollars and labor as well. Coronavirus pandemic has already impacted the Afghan Economy and attacks on DABS power pylons have added to the crisis.   Article Credit: Tolo News/Afghanistan Times  

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