Taliban has lost command and control: Massoud Andarabi

Taliban has lost command and control: Massoud Andarabi

Taliban has lost command and control: Andarabi

“The Taliban has lost command and control; the only way left for them is the peace process,” the acting interior minister Massoud Andarabi said on Wednesday on his visit to Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital of Balkh province.

Andarabi, at a ceremony concluding a training course for special forces soldiers and officers at the Special Forces Command Training Center, said that security forces prevented the Taliban from gaining political power through fighting and that the Taliban have no choice but to either join the peace process or be eliminated.

Calling on Taliban members, Andarabi said: ”If you can, come and achieve your goals through the way of peace. We have proven that the security and defense forces will certainly not allow any power to grow or succeed through the bloodshed of Afghan people.”

Andarabi also praised the security forces for being impartial on the Presidential election day.

“The neutrality of the police in this election was unprecedented,” Andarabi said.

The Ministry of Interior Special Police Units general commander, Brig. Mir Ahmad Azimi, and the Special Police Units Training Center commander attended the ceremony and nearly 200 soldiers and officers of the Special Forces have received six months of professional training from local and foreign trainers.

On this day, it was also announced that security forces have rescued the Zari district of Balkh, the Tala Wa Barfak district of Baghlan, and the Darzab district of Jawzjan province.

“Three days ago, there was a lot of fighting in the district of Drazab, but 45 of our troops went there and rescued the district, and those who went to rescue the district had graduated from this same center,” Azimi said.

Meanwhile, an American trainer who also spoke at the ceremony said that the soldiers’ newly-acquired skills will give them a competitive edge.

“I don’t care what enemy you face, Taliban, Daesh, Al-Qaeda, they are not as good as you. Yes, they are dangerous, but you are better trained and you are more determined and you will defeat them every time,” said the American trainer.

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