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Taliban accuses the US of deporting terrorists from Syria, Iraq to Afghanistan

The Taliban pose weighty accusations against the United States for deporting members from Daesh terrorist group from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan and facilitating them. These accusations come to light amidst backdoor dialogue between the Taliban and US in regard to bring an end to the war that Afghanistan has been facing for over 18 years now.

A member of the Taliban Mohammad Nabi Omari claimed that “ Officials in ruling Ghani Government and tribal elders admit that the US facilitates the relocation of Daesh fighters from one province to another. Taliban during Ramzan had besieged Daesh fighters in Jawzjanbut the government along with the IS intelligence rescued them with the help of helicopters and shifted them to Kabul”.

He further stated that Daesh fighters who had first appeared in the Middle East were defeated by the armies of those countries and were left with no place to reside. The US found Afghanistan as a good option to relocate these people and deported them here.

Talking about the ongoing talks Omari said Taliban is trying to figure out negotiations on a deal with the US and will only commence talks with Afghan government after the timeline for withdrawal of US troops is finalized.

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