Special unit operation claims 11 lives in Paktia province

No less than 11 peoples were dragged out their homes and killed by the “01 unit” of the National Directorate of security during a night raid in at Zurmat district of Paktia province as informed by tribal senior citizens and various other residents.

The operation was implemented through GulalKoh village but the National Directorate of security reacting on the incident claimed that as many as 11 militants were shot dead which also includes two commanders of the Taliban who were killed in the special operation of Zurmat district

While the local civilians have disagreed to NDS’s claim a few residents also traveled to Kabul seeking justice. One of the tribe members of Zurmat district said, “ It is evident that the government is guilty of its action in this matter. There is no news of development or reconstruction in Zurmatbut only of murder.”

The deceased include a member of Ministry of education in Paktiauniversity, a principal of a school in the area among various other civilians, few of whom didn’t belong to the district but had come to visit relatives.

Many such incidents have claimed many lives in the past as well including operations by The CIA-sponsored forces that have been accused of killing civilians in the eastern and southern provinces many times on various occasions.

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