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Afghanistan flag, Image credit: Flickr

Significance of OIC for Afghanistan

In response to an overwhelming flame in Al-Aqsa mosque, pioneers of 25 Islamic nations held a meeting in Rabat the capital of Morocco on Sep 25.1969 that brought about establishmentof OIC.

Amid 1981-1992 because of Soviet occupation, Afghanistan OIC participation was suspended yet since 1992, Afghanistan continued OIC enrollment. Afghanistan lasting delegate in OIC was elevated to international safe haven level in 2011.

Under a specific system, OIC could make the offer of neighboring nations positive in Afghanistan harmony process.

Over US $350m would be contributed for development of IIU from OIC spending plan and substantial piece of this monetary venture would be infused into Afghanistan economy, over US $ 4m standard consumptions of IIU will be paid from OIC spending plan, hundreds neighborhood and remote instructors will be utilized to educate in the college and their pay rates and different prerequisites would be financed from outer sources and its extensive parts would be expended inside the nation.

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