Salahuddin Rabbani wants to change the political system

Salahuddin Rabbani wants to change the political system

The head of the Jamiat party, Salahuddin Rabbani, expressed his intention to continue to fight the “coup de tat against people’s votes”.

In previous elections, Rabbani supported Abdullah Abdullah. Previously, he was Minister of Foreign Affairs and resigned due to the fact that President Ghani transferred most of his powers to his deputy.

In a statement, Salahuddin Rabbani expressed the view that Afghanistan is returning to autocracy and monopoly.

In his opinion, the low turnout in the previous elections was due to “the destructive efforts and ignorance of domestic and foreign politicians in historical agony.”

“Ignorance of the results of the electoral coup returns to the autocracy and monopoly that form governments that are located at a great distance from people.” He rejected reports that Abdullah accepted President Ghani’s proposal to head the reconciliation council. “We believe in the real voices of our people and will not deal with coups at any cost.”

He said that their struggle will go only for the will of the people, that is, a change of the political system.

Earlier Rabbani wanted to cancel the presidential election as part of a deal with Ghani.

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