businesswomen in Afghanistan

Responsibility of businesswomen in Afghanistan lasting improvement

Businesswomen play a substantial and also energetic role in Afghanistan improvement and also at present, their number is growing

Mohsena Saqeb is among the businesswomen who managed to establish a clothing factory with a minimum capital in the term of Saqeb Clothing Producing Industries succeeded to generate and provide conventional and modern clothes and also styles in short time. She is incharge of design in this plant.

Talking on their challenges, she said, lack of permanent location, power energy, and also raw materials are among our simple challenges, we hope the govt and ACCI will cooperate us to get over these challenges.
She asked the govt to increase import taxes on foreign products and also prevent imports of low-quality overseas products and allow domestic industries to develop.

Based on Afghan businesswomen, CCI, at present, a lot of women have invested. Specifically, over 850 businesswomen have invested in approx. US 67.2m in conventional and also untraditional sectors.

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