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Report On Cancer Diseases seems to be Shocking says, Ghani

president Ashraf Ghani at a symposium in Kabul on Sunday stressed out the necessity for much more efforts to battle most cancers disease problems after he discovered “shocking” statistics regarding the health issue from government officials.

Numerous health officials who attended the ceremony complained regarding insufficient machinery and equipment for the treatment of cancer diseases, however, Ghani blamed the officials for being hesitant to pass on the message to him.

Statistics by the Ministry of Public Health indicate that 20,000 a lot of people are being affected by cancer ailments every year, of which 15,000 lost their lives. Breast cancer is one among the most common type of cancer among Afghans, the statistics show.

The statistics indicate that almost $300 million is taken out of the country every year by Afghans for cancer patients’ treatment.

“When 80 % of 20,000 persons lose their life, it is really a national tragedy,” Ghani claimed. “You (officials of the Ministry of Public Health) have never visited me even one day to share with me your needs in cancer treatment method. It is certainly not agreeable. You must come and ask me.”

Ghani declared that giving totally free cure for cancer in a country like Afghanistan is not a simple task.

“The Ministry of Finance has allocated much more than Afs110 billion to the health industry by means of the national spending budget over the past five years,” Acting Finance Minister Humayun Qayumi stated.

Statistics by the Ministry of Public Health unveiled on June 16 indicate that just about 40,000 humans have been detected as different varieties of cancer disease problems, citing insufficient awareness for a rise in the lots of patients all over the country.

The statistics indicate that a lot more than 3,000 women were detected as breast cancer in 2018, of which, 1,700 patients have passed away because of the diseases.

Another one of the reasons for a rise in the lots of cancer patients is insufficient sufficient having access to healthcare services and the lack of a perfect cancer treatment center, assessments of the Ministry of Public Health mentioned.

The only cancer treatment center in the Jumhoriat Hospital in Kabul has 65 beds which in accordance with officials are not able to meet the raising lots of cancer patients.

The center was established four years ago.

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