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Part of Turkmenistan type in trade with Afghanistan: MPs

After latest visit of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to Turkmenistan, several members of Afghanistan parliament regarded part of Turkmenistan as important in strengthening of Afghanistan financial and trade.

“Afghanistan will surely have strategic dealings with Turkmenistan in the field of gas and also railway as the country has further occupation in the specific sector,” Kazimi said, attaching that Turkmenistan has had high-quality relations with Afghanistan in the past too and also presently Afghanistan requirements further financial development that needs to be paid attention to.

In the meantime, Afghanistan Chamber of Business and also Industries(ACCI ) says presently trade between Afghanistan and Central Asian countries possesses reached to over $2 billion.

Presently, both Afghanistan and also Turkmenistan are working on crucial economic projects as TAPI. In the meantime, Lapis Lazuli Corridor that can provide ground path for Afghanistan’s exports and also imports to Turkey and European union countries through Turkmenistan.
Shukria Kohistani

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