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Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US says Kashmir conflict might affect the Afghan peace process

AsadMajeed, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US suggested that Islamabad could move the troops from Afghanistan limit towards the Kashmir boundaries, the shift that might make peace talks between US and Taliban more complex.

While speaking with the editorial board of The New York times during an interview Majeed stressed that the conflicts of Kashmir and Afghanistan are separate and they do not intend to mix or link them together.

He also said that Pakistan is hopeful of success in the peace talks between the US and Taliban and that Pakistan is strongly supporting the process. “ We are doing all that we can and will continue, It’s not an either-or situation,” he added.

This decision from Pakistan comes at the time when the US and Taliban have just winded up the eighth round of peace talks in Doha. Both sides are hopeful about coming to a conclusion and signing a peace deal over the next few days.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan, Zahid Nasrullah Khan had earlier this month cleared that Kashmir was a longstanding dispute between India and Pakistan and the current India-Pakistan tensions regarding Kashmir would not affect the Afghan peace process in any way as it has nothing to do with Afghanistan.

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