NTC’s hallway’s locker broken: IEC

NTC’s hallway’s locker broken: IEC

NTC’s hallway’s locker broken: IEC

“Our investigation shows that the lockers of the hallway of the national tally center (NTC) have been broken because the security forces entered into the room due to cold weather,” said the Independent Election Commission officials at a press conference on Tuesday.

The Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah’s Stability and Partnership electoral team has earlier complained that some people in the IEC’s secretariat and a certain electoral team alongside Special Forces of Police have broken into the NTC of the commission.

After the event, the IEC said that its team have checked the lockers of the biometric data room with the presence of Abdullah’s camp manager.

The IEC has found the head of the secretary and security advisor of the commission guilty for the incident.

While the interior ministry has rejected the allegations, said that the security forces have always been neutral in the election process.

The national police were responsible for the eternal and external security issues of the commission but they were not stationed in areas that secret data have existed, spokesman for the ministry, Nasrat Rahimi said.

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