NDS killed two Daesh Members in north Kabul in 6 hours long operation

The Special Unit of the National Directorate of Security, the NDS, has killed two Daesh members who were hiding in a house of north Kabul in six-hours-long operation on Thursday evening, the agency said in a statement on Friday.

The NDS has received the information about the center was taken from a three-member Daesh group who werearrested by the NDSforces this week, the statement said.

Two Daesh members, who were killed, were hiding in a house in Sar-e-Kotal area in Kabul’s Police District 17, PD17, and one of them wasa Pakistani national.

According to the agency’s statement, two deceased Daesh memberswere living there since two months and were planning terrorist attacks in Kabul and were making suicide vests in the house that they have rented. Large number of weapons was seized during the operation.

One woman and four children, who were living in the house, were wounded in the operation but are under treatment in a hospital, the statement added.

Sources said that at least five members of the Afghan forces were killed and wounded in the operation.

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