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Music artists can make perks by giving a shout-out to Abu Dhabi

People are normally prone to flattery. A sort word or gesture can go a long way in constructing or strengthening a relationship.

This is as correct in the workplace because it is in our personal lives, and also musicians are most conscious of that. From the a lot of concerts I have attended during the last eight years in Abu Dhabi–from big arena shows to perspiring club gigs–the response has always been the same: whenever the artist requires a moment to reward the capital, the crowd is basically in the palm of their hands.

It was the same thing when Brazilian bossa nova king, Sergio Mendes, performed included in the Abu Dhabi Festival in 2015. Chuffed that his Emirates Palace display was sold out instantly, he asked me to render him a listing of a few phrases he could sprinkle into his display, with “shukran Abu Dhabi”( thank you Abu Dhabi ) and also “ya marhaba”( greetings ) making the last cut.

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