Miller impressed by Afghan election security

US top commander congratulates Afghans for participation in presidential elections

Miller congratulates Afghans for participate in election

The US top commander to Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller congratulated the Afghans for participating in the election and appreciated the coordination among the military leadership to secure Saturday’s presidential election.

“I think what set it apart was, I watched the integration of your security leadership, in this case, Minister Khalid, Minister Andarabi and Director of the NDS Zia Saraj,” Miller said.

He said after 40 years of war, Afghans deserve peace in their country.

“This is going to take different sides talking to one another. I do believe that a political settlement is not only required but I believe that peace is the will of the people and if we listen to the people, that is the direction we are to be going,” he added.

Miller said he has not received any order regarding US troops’ reduction in Afghanistan.

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