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Many MPs accuse candidates of financial corruption in last year’s elections

Various members of Parliament have claimed that last year’s parliamentary elections involved “widespread financial corruption” in the process.

The parliamentarians claimed that the votes of people were not the deciding factor, but a group of contesting members won the elections by misusing their financial strength.

Earlier, various former government officials had also accused President Ghani’s adviser and chief of staff in the presidential palace of talking to the candidates over the phone in order to demand money.

One of the former advisers to President Ghani also declared that last year’s parliamentary elections were not of international standards. Looking at last year’s elections many monitors have also expressed concern about corruption in elections for upcoming presidential elections scheduled for September 28 and urged for a fair and corruption-free election.

Though the allegations were denied by the President’s office later. The independent election commission while talking on this concern from many said that the investigation into the accusations of corruption in the election last year is underway. IEC also appealed to the people to share evidence supporting their claims in order to help the investigation process.

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