Mahmoud Tarzi

Mahmoud Tarzi Afghanistan journalism

Mahmoud Tarzi, father of Afghanistan news coverage

In the primary decade of 19 century, the head of Ahmad Shah Durani deteriorated in light of brutal dispute happened among his successors (the children of Sardar Payenda Mohammad Khan Mohammadzaie).

In view of the bargain of 1242 lunar year (1826), the rest of the fiefdom of Durani sovereign isolated that the authentic city of Kandahar from Shahjoy till Farah and Shekar poor possessed by five siblings. These siblings were incorporate of Shirdel Khan, Rahmdel Khan and Mehrdel Khan.

The child of Sardar Ghulam Mohammad Tarzi who named as Mahmoud likewise banished. He was 16.

In August 23rd of 1865, Mahmoud conceived in the region of Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavid tomb.

Youthful Mahmoud: When Mahmoud was 17 years of age was proficient and man of the letter. He lived in Karachi alongside his dad and family in Karachi until 20 years of his life.

Mahmoud Tarzi 35 when Amir Abdurrahman passed on, he came back to Kabul in February 1902. He lived for multi-month and popular as Beg Sahib.

This work started in 1911 and the principal issue of Serajul Akhbar-I-Afghanistan distributed.

After the declaration of freedom of Afghanistan by Ghazi Amanullah Khan, Mahmoud Tarzi delegated as a first remote priest of Afghanistan.

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