French President Emmanuel Macron

Macron’s plea for European countries lays down battle traces for May vote

French President Emmanuel Macron drew each support and also skepticism Tuesday with a clarion call to voters in 28 nations to select a more powerful European union Partnership and refuse populists, amid issues that eurosceptics could achieve unprecedented success in forthcoming European union Parliament elections.

In a column published for Tuesday’s variants throughout the bloc, Macron recommended voters in the May 23-26 EU parliament elections to reject nationalist events that “offer nothing,” laying down the battle traces for the vote.

“In truth, Macron wants to attack those who are against immigration. That is what this program is about,” a written statement said.

France last month saw it is most serious diplomatic debate with Italy since World War II. Paris even recalled it is ambassador for a few days to protest perceived Italian meddling in French household politics, after Italian Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio satisfied with French yellow vest activists trying to run for the European union Parliament.

Italy’s anti-migrant Interior minister Matteo Salvini possesses repeatedly criticized Macron and also said he hoped the French will not back him in forthcoming elections.

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