Lebanon-Saudi conference to be kept next week

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri chaired a preparatory conference in front of a ministerial check out to Saudi Arabia next week where his govt will participate in the subsequent round of meetings in the Lebanese-Saudi higher joint committee.

Throughout the meeting, Mr. Hariri informed reporters that his country’s partnership with Saudi Arabia is essential to the prosperity of each countries as they continue to develop cooperation on key local and also economic problems.

A recent thaw in dealings between Saudi Arabia and also Lebanon has seen Riyadh lift the travelling ban on Saudi citizens going to Lebanon–offering a much-needed source of income for Mr. Hariri’s management, with Gulf travelers as soon as being the greatest spenders in Lebanon. The UAE and also Bahrain have never yet lifted their travelling ban against the country.

The Saudi-Lebanese higher joint committee satisfied in June to discuss deal deals and also improvements in economic cooperation.

Last month, Saudi Arabia’s financial minister vowed to provide full help to Lebanon.

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