khost women

Khost Women appeal for an end to the ongoing war in Afghanistan

A group of women in Khost gathered on Tuesday to appeal to the Taliban for putting an end to violence and participate in the peace process for a positive outcome of stability and peace in the country.

They also demanded a big role for women in electioneering and peace process.

Nematbibi, a member of Khost Provincial council stated, “ women should raise their voice against the war that is underway in Afghanistan. I call upon both sides to put an end to war and act mercifully towards citizens, especially women, and orphans.”

Whereas the governor of Khost Mohammad Halim Fidaee also mentioned that women deserve to be given an active role in the peace process.

He said, “We should all stand in support for the role of women in the peace process.”

This came after US and Taliban delegation have recently wrapped up the eighth round of peace talks in Qatar which according to the negotiators will set base for a peace agreement between both sides.

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