Khalilzad Discusses Afghan Government

Khalilzad Talks about Afghan Peace With Turkish Government

Based on Turkey’s, Khalilzad and also Kalin discussed the ongoing settlement process and also latest developments in Afghanistan, solidarity and also political stability.

The two highlighted the significance of deep-rooted traditional and also cultural links, companionship and also brotherhood between Turkey and also Afghanistan in offering lasting serenity and also sustainable stability and also security environment in Afghanistan.

Khalilzad told TOLOnews on Monday that the integration of a solid and also unified agreeing on team under Afghan government’s umbrella is required for attaining a breakthrough in the strides for serenity in Afghanistan, but he refused speculations that the talks had hit a deadlock.

He said he did not have immediate associates with the Taliban since his last meeting along with them in Doha, Qatar, last month, and that the Taliban delegation said at the time that they can talk about these problems with their leadership.

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