Karzai backs Ghani’s for serenity

KABUL:Former Leader, Hamid Karzai depicted support for Leader Ashraf Ghani’s deal about naming a Consultation Loya Jirga(Grand Assembly) to look for solutions to solve present issues that Afghanistan have been scrambling with.

Ghani said Monday that he would probably contact the Loya Jirga to check with on peace process.

“As I have frequently explained on calling the Loya Jirga and also respecting people’s would and as I judge Loya Jirga as the simply way that supports us emerge from the current issues, this period I also contact the Jirga required for achieving a long-term serenity and also convey my support for this,” Karzai said in a comment.

Hamid Karzai Image from wikimediacommons

Dealing with the “National Consultative Conference on Peace” at the Presidential Palace, Ghani said the determination to keep a Jirga have been created on the instruction of delegates of today’s meeting to help “dignified” serenity in the country.

Ghani called on his Specific Consultant on Local Dealings for Consensus on Serenity, Omar Daudzai to convene Consultative Loya Jirga in Kabul at finish of March, saying there is no chance in having consultations.

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