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Image Source : Flickr under Martin Jones

Kandahar blast cause 9 civilian deaths and leave several wounded

A roadside bomb blast in Kandahar province killed as many as 9 people and injured at least 18 others on Monday confirmed the provincial governor Hayatullah Hayat.

Hayat also revealed that the blast happened at about 2 PM in Darzab area of Khakrez district of the province. Further details revealed that the roadside explosion aimed a truck carrying civilians. According to the eyewitnesses, the victims include a few women as well.

The wounded have been admitted to Mirwais Hospital of the province said Hayat.

He further claimed that the Taliban carried out the explosion whereas the Taliban has not yet responded to the accusations against them.

Afghanistan is constantly facing a tremendous rise in civilian casualties among violence in the country. Other recent attacks include explosions in Ghazni and Badghis provinces that claimed a lot of lives and left several others wounded. The claims for those attacks were made by the Taliban.

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