increasing target murders

Kabul residents worries about increasing target murders

Kabul residents worries about murders

The Kabul residents raised their concern over the increasing number of target murders in the capital after several government officials including the police chief for the Jaghatoo district of Wardak province were assassinated this week by unknown gunmen in Kabul city’s Police District 11.

The residents have also complained about the increasing other criminal activities in Kabul. They accused security bodies and the government of carelessness and for not doing enough to mitigate the incidents. But the Kabul police department promises to enhance efforts in the prevention of criminal cases.

Meanwhile, members of parliament also criticize security officials for what they say being busy in other jobs.

Recently, a high school principal was shot dead by unknown armed men in the Khairkhana neighborhood.

Kabul residents said they are scared of such incidents that discourage them from making happy lives.

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