IWA slams Afghan government’s anti-corruption policy

IWA slams Afghan government’s anti-corruption policy

Integrity Watch Afghanistan, a non-governmental organisation which keeps a check over Afghan government’s policies, criticised the government for its unkept anti-corruption claims. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani failed to meet his tall promises regarding elimination of corruption from the country.

The watchdog group questioned the lack of transparency in the Government’s efforts to curb corruption especially at customs. IWA’s crack down on graft at customs, emerged with respect to recent reports of corruption in money-generating institutions.

Besides, Last month, IWA also accused the Afghan government for gaining control over foreign funds it received from the international community to combat the health crisis brought by COVID-19. The IWA said that such a move will lead to further expansion of mistrust between the government and the donors.

The Ministry of finance put its guard up and defended Ghani’s governance and policies.Shamroz Khan Masjidi, a spokesman for the ministry, said,“The Ministry of Finance has taken a series of measures for reforms at customs and taxation– systematic work was done regarding this matter and those individuals who were accused of corruption were referred to the legal and judicial institutions.”

“The president has persistently acknowledged the corruption at customs, but no action was taken to resolve this issue,” said Naser Taimoori, a researcher of Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA).“Corruption at customs…has increased on daily basis, prior to this, they were asking for Afs20,000 to Afs30,000 while processing a container, but now the amount has increased to Afs100,000 and the money is being embezzled,” said Ahmad Shah, a businessman.

Mohammad Azim Mohseni, a parliamentarian, said,“This creates problems– there is a dire need to focus on corruption at customs, different circles are involved in it.”

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