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Iranian Supreme Leader Hassan Rouhani states that Iran never ever looks for warfare with the US

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has claimed, Iran never ever looks for war with the US. The Iranian say media, IRNA, declared on Wednesday, amid a spike in stresses between the two countries.

The President claimed, Iran does not have interest to raise pressure in the region and it never seeks warfare with any nation, which includes the US.

Rouhani blamed the United States for regional stresses and claimed in case Washington had stuck to the deal, positive developments would have been witnessed in the region. Speaking with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, on phone, Rouhani claimed, Iran has always been devoted to regional serenity and stability and will make efforts in this respect.

This week, US President Donald Trump declared sanctions on Iran’s supreme leader and top official.

The new measures are the latest against Tehran since Trump pulled out of a landmark nuclear accord between Iran and entire world powers.

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