Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani,image source: wikimediacommons, UNDER CC BY-SA 4.0

Interim Government Strategy Not Relevant In Afghanistan : Ghani

President Ashraf Ghani has reacted to records on a strategy to set up an interim government in the country as part of a serenity plan, and said the strategy has been laid out outside the country and that it is far from relevant in Afghanistan.

Danish said the Afghan government welcomes regional and also world countries’ support to the Afghan serenity, but he insisted that the ultimate decision should

President Ghani, meanwhile, known as on the Helmand peace activists to travel to Quetta City of Pakistan for speaks with the Taliban.

The activists walked through towns and also villages, crossed provinces and met with local citizens along the way. For 38 days, they walked and as they developed, so their numbers grew.

The group provided the Taliban three days in which to answer and also said if they failed to do so, they would start sit in protests outside diplomatic offices and also missions in the assets. However, they attained no response from the Taliban.

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