68 killed including 27 students in Nangarhar Mosque attack

68 killed including 27 students in Nangarhar Mosque attack

In Nangarhar Mosque 68 killed including 27 students

More than 68 people were killed including 27 school students who were killed in a bomb attack in a mosque on Friday in the Haska Mina district of Nangarhar province, the provincial department of education announced on Wednesday.

The department said that 16 of more than 30 people wounded in the bombing were also students.

“Unfortunately, 27 school students and two teachers were martyred in the bloody attack in the Haska Mina district. 16 other students were injured. All of the martyred and injured were students of primary grades,” Hasibollah Shinwari, head of the provincial department of education said.

Sabawoon, one of the students who was survived the attack, said that he was trapped under the debris as the ceiling of the mosque collapsed in the attack.

“We were inside the mosque. When the bombing happened, we were trapped under the rubble. Then we called for help and people came and saved us.”

“We want neither hajj pilgrimage nor any other things. We just want peace,” said Taher, another injured student.

Tribal elders in the district call for the government’s investigation of the attack.

“Yes, we want an investigation. This should be investigated to find the criminal and the criminal should be handed to the locals. We joined the government and gave sacrifices in this way,” Sayed Wali, a tribal elder said.

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