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In Iraq, Oman claims it is going to reopen its embassy

Oman states that it is going to reopen its embassy in Iraq, decades after it closed off its diplomatic post.

Oman’s Foreign Ministry made the announcement on Twitter on Sunday night.

The sultanate, on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, claimed it could “contribute to the development of relations between the two countries”.

Iraq’s foreign ministry previously claimed it expected Oman would certainly reopen its embassy.

Oman closed off its embassy in Iraq after dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990.

consulate in Baghdad.

Most recently, Oman claimed it had signed a contract with the US which would permit American ships and then warplanes to use its ports and airports.

The state-run Oman News Agency claimed the “framework agreement” was targeted at bolstering “Omani-American military relations”.

“It will permit the US forces to take advantage from the amenities offered at a few of the Sultanate’s ports and airports during visits of the US military vessels and aircraft, especially in the port of Duqm,” it declared.

The US is interested in its Gulf allies restoring ties with Iraq to assist counter Iran’s influence in the region.

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