Imran khan

Imran Khan assures meeting with Taliban on his return to Pakistan

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan who is in Washington for a three-day tour, assured that he will get in touch with the Taliban on his return to Islamabad and try his level best to bring the group at the negotiating terms with the government of Afghanistan.

He said, “ Taliban delegation wanted to meet me a few months back because I  have always maintained that there is no military solution to the war in Afghanistan.”

He spoke at the US Institute of Peace and assured that, “ when I go back after meeting President Trump now I will meet the Taliban as I also spoke to President Ghani and I will do everything within my reach to get them to talk to the Afghan government so that the election in Afghanistan is an inclusive one in which Taliban’s participation is also expected.”

On the other hand, US Special Representative for Afghanistan reconciliation, ZalmayKhalilzadreached Kabul on Tuesday in connection to the same issue of peace talks in Afghanistan.

Khalilzad took to Twitter to express his focus on attaining enduring peace that ends the 20year-long war and ensures that terrorists do not use Afghanistan further for international terrorism, honours the sacrifice of the US and other allies along with Afghans and lays the foundation for a stable relationship with Afghanistan.

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