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Imran Khan asserts, “Afghanistan has ‘No military’ solution”

Hours before his meeting with US President Donald Trump planned on Monday at White House, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday that “Afghanistan does not have any military solution”.

“What you need me to mention to discuss with Trump. Now I am proud that. Currently, the entire world says that Afghanistan has no military solution. Insha Allah, I am going to put your case before Donald Trump. I will not worry you, Insha Allah,” he declared although addressing a big collecting of Pakistani Americans at the capital of Arena in the downtown Washington.

Khan came in Washington on Saturday on a three-day visit on the invitation of Trump.

Trump will most likely press Khan for assist on finishing the warfare in Afghanistan and fighting militants while the two leaders meet at the White House on Monday amid their countries’ strained relations, Reuters revealed.

Last year, Trump discontinued many hundreds millions of dollars in security help to Pakistan, accusing Islamabad of offering “nothing however lies and deceit” while giving safe haven to terrorists, a charge angrily refused by Islamabad.

“The reason for the visit would be to media for concrete cooperation from Pakistan to advance the Afghanistan peace process and to encourage Pakistan to stronger and sustain its present attempt to crack down on militants and terrorists within its territory,” a senior US management official informed Reuters.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, claimed the United States needs to make clear to Pakistan ensure that it is open to fixing relations in case Pakistan adjustments how it deals with “terrorists and militants.”

In Afghanistan, the official claimed, the serenity process is at a crucial point and Washington needs Pakistan “to stress the Taliban into a long-lasting ceasefire and taking part in inter-Afghan discussions which would include the Afghan government.”

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